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The AECC believes these to be the first and foremost doctrines of the Bible and are found in all evangelical Christian teachings and beyond these, no stress is laid on other doctrines. Persons are at liberty to hold personal views as long as they do not conflict with nor are theY to be judgmental of those whose views differ from their own, as long as they agree to and adhere to the AECC Constitution.

The AECC is not a fellowship nor a ministerial association, but a duly organized Christian Church body. It’s minister's are accorded the same rights and privileges granted to all other recognized clergy, churches and religious bodies. Click one of the buttons below to download an application and make payment through the 'Membership Payment' button.





If you have questions about membership and would like one of our staff to contact you, simply complete the form below, call us at (317) 282-0156 or email

Thanks so much for expressing interest in joining the AECC. We wil contact you soon with more info!

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