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Welcome to: The AEBC Devotional Blog

We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new feature - a blog that's designed with you in mind. At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to helping our students pursue a more profound relationship with the Lord. This blog is another way for us to provide value, nurture your spiritual growth, and walk this incredible journey of faith together.

As we embrace this new venture, we look forward to delivering a dive into the Word of God. Our goal is to offer insight, inspiration, and guidance that is not only relevant to your lives but also tailored to your evolving needs and what Scripture has to say about it.

We're passionate about engaging with our past, present, and future students. Each of you has been a part of our community, and you are incredibly important to us. This blog is a reflection of that commitment.

In the coming weeks and months, (official launch in January 2024) you can expect to find a wide range of content, including devotionals, inspirational stories, academic insights, and more. The frequency of our posts may vary over time, but our dedication to providing you with valuable content remains steadfast.

To stay up to date with the latest from our blog, we invite you to subscribe. By doing so, you'll ensure that you never miss an opportunity to gain valuable insights that seek to enhance your walk with the Lord.

We can't express this enough: Thank you for being a part of our American Evangelical Bible College and Seminary family.

May God Bless you today in and in the years to come as we step into this exciting new chapter. Subscribe today and let's grow in faith together.

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